Competition Brief

How can we define a project that seeks for singularity in a privileged space without altering the balance but enhance its possibilities?

The competition seeks to create a resounding living space, gently integrated into its context that serves to communicate the intentions and the identity of the inhabitants it houses.

An organic element that is associated with its environment by shape and materiality more related with the residents characteristics than just a classic image.

The project is based on the use of Decowood veneers to create an astounding experience within the confines of the interiors itself.

The best entries will receive awards and special recognition from Team Decowood.

The participant is required to design a 500 sq-ft living room space by adopting Decowood veneers as an element of design to integrate the spatial and inherent qualities of its residents, who are a young couple. One is a journalist and the other is an art curator.

Click to download high resolution scanned images of veneers